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We at Alutix Insulations offers a wide range of thermal insulation sheets

Our Thermal Insulation/Aluminium Air Bubble Insulation sheets offer sure-shot protection from radiant heat


State of the art manufacturing unit with the High-Speed Production facility in Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh. Our plant employs the most modern pieces of equipment backed by the dedicated and experienced teams of motivated members.

Our production process ensures consistency in the production process with every inch of foil is guaranteed to have superior quality and durability.


Product Range

Browse through our roofing insulation sheets and packing material range.

Single Layer Insulations

Our range of insulation foils with single layer of bubble wrap between 2 aluminium layers

Double Layer Insulation

Our range of insulation foils with double layer of bubble wrap between 2 aluminium sheets

Packing Material Range

Our range of bubble wrap films specially designed for packing purposes

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