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About the Company

High Quality Aluminium Air Bubble Insulation Sheets

Alutix About us

About Company

Alutix Insulations has been established with an aim to be the country’s leading manufacturer of the Aluminium Air Bubble Insulation, which is also known as Thermal Reflective Insulation. Reflective insulation is an insulating and energy conserving product that adds an air cushion, usually in the form of plastic bubble material, between layers of aluminum foil to improve the insulating value or R-value of what would otherwise be a simple radiant barrier.

We are dedicated to the concept of total customer service and are available at any time to serve the customer with excellent quality service. Our aim is to develop products and services which offer value in terms of price, quality and safety.

About Founders

Alutix Insulations has been formed by the passionate group of young entrepreneurs with an objective to create a brand that would be known for its superior quality and excellent customer satisfaction. The organisation has been formed on the principles of treating our customers as the center of our focus, with everything that we do should be revolved around them.

When we were exploring the business opportunities, one of our biggest considerations was to start a business that would contribute to the betterment of country in some way and not merely concentrating on profits. After doing thorough research, we came to realize that the inefficient forms of building insulation lead to a lot of wastage of power and electricity. The tropical climate of our country demands the kind of insulation which is cost effective and durable. Aluminium air bubble insulation fits these criteria perfectly as proven around the world.

With our teams of highly qualified professionals, we want to take the idea of aluminium air bubble insulation even to the grassroots level and help in improving the environment by doing constant research in the field of insulation to make building insulation work better for all of us.

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